PE Insights Research Services

PE Insights is a leading provider of research and consulting services to Private Equity investors looking to invest in the Indian marketplace. We perform extensive research for Private equity fund managers, Limited partners, entrepreneurial companies, investment banks etc. Our research falls broadly under three categories:

Investment Research

PE Insights research products and services help the market players to understand various investment trends in the marketplace. Our databases and research frameworks enable investors to evaluate risks and opportunities to make informed investment decisions.

Fund Raising Research

PE Insights shares extensive relationships in the Private equity market place. We constantly scan the Private equity ecosystem to understand new funds being raised for Indian markets. Our research products also include Limited partners who are looking to invest into alternative assets targeting Indian markets.

Sector Research

PE Insights does constant research of various high growth sectors, which helps fund managers and other players understand local market dynamics. We also evaluate the investment climate in various sectors and opportunities that might arise due to changing macro and micro factors.