Private Equity Funds

PE Insights believes that the best investment decisions are made when the experience of the fund manager is coupled with rigorous analysis of facts on the ground rather than noises in the marketplace. PE Insights’ information databases and research reports help fund managers in both in capital-raising as well as deployment.

Private Equity Investment Research

PE Insights helps fund managers make better investment decisions by keeping them updated about the investment activity in the Indian Private Equity and M&A markets. PE funds can understand capital demand-supply scenario across various sectors before making an investment decision.

Subscription to PE Insights’ investment research products enable fund managers make better investments by giving them a verified account of the deal activity in a particular sector and asset class. PE Insights offers standardized reports and customized research solutions to meet the information needs of the Indian Private Equity real estate investor.

Fund Raising Research

Fund raising has become a challenge in the post-Lehman era. We at PE Insights, realize that raising a fund is a time consuming task and requires time and focus of fund managers which makes them hard-pressed for managerial bandwidth. We help investment managers in fund raising mode through the following offerings:

  • Fund Raising scenario research: As the Indian Private Equity real estate market matures, “opportunistic” funds will give way to funds with a more focused investment strategy. As larger funds get raised for the Indian Private Equity market, it becomes imperative for fund managers to search for a differentiation strategy.
  • PE Insights private equity database helps fund managers find out which are the funds that were closed recently in the market, their sizes, their LP profiles, the strategies used by these funds etc. We help fund managers identify differentiating strategies and shortlist potential investors and placement agents based on these. We also introduce fund managers to our network of Limited Partners and placement agents.
  • Information requirements for the Private Placement Memorandum (PPM): PE Insights helps fund managers by giving an aggregate analysis of the fund raising and investment scenario in the Indian Private Equity market which can be used by them to validate their investment strategies. This would enable the fund manager to focus on marketing the fund while outsourcing the research requirements to PE Insights, thus shortening the time taken to close the fund.

Sector Research

Successful investment strategies are created by combining leading macroeconomic indicators with micro-market details. PE Insights helps fund managers identify fundamental factors driving growth in various sectors across the country; evaluate them and do a targeted profiling of companies that would benefit from higher growth.

This research allows fund managers to stay ahead of the curve, and make superior investment decisions.

Due Diligence & Consulting Services

Private Equity Investments in India entail significant risks to investors. PE Insights offers fund managers consulting and due diligence services that assist them in hedging risks arising due to information asymmetry. PE Insights also offer Private Equity investors consulting services backed by insightful research to help them understand various trends in the Private Equity investment space and make better investment decisions.

PE Insights analyzes comparable transactions to help fund managers determine the right valuation for a deal.  PE Insights’ consultants also advise fund managers and entrepreneurs on the right structuring strategy for a particular transaction.


PE Insights conducts regular events in which we bring together fund managers who are in fund raising mode and Limited Partners looking to invest into “India focused funds” as part of their global portfolio allocation strategy. PE Insights also organizes research based specific sector focused events where we bring together high-growth entrepreneurs looking  to raise capital and Private Equity funds looking to take an exposure to those sectors.