Limited Partners

India is an attractive investment destination for global investors. Strong economic fundamentals backed by high sustainable growth rates make it a great investment proposition for investors looking at super-normal returns. PE Insights’ proprietary databases and frameworks would enable investors to understand the Indian Private Equity marketplace in a better manner.

We provide the following research solutions to Limited Partners looking at the Indian alternative assets marketplace.

Economic Analysis And Portfolio Strategy

We research macro economic factors fundamentally influencing the growth of the Indian marketplace, and their correlation to global indicators. The risk-reward profile of various alternative investment assets are analyzed to fit into the global asset allocation strategy of the client.

We also rigorously analyze the Private equity market in India and its fit into our client’s portfolio allocation.

Fund Research And Manager Selection

We help Limited Partners understand the dynamics of the Indian private equity market through customized research solutions focused on the Indian Private Equity real estate space. These research reports help Limited Partners evaluate opportunities in a better manner and make superior investment decisions.

There is a huge difference between the performance of the top and bottom quartiles of fund managers investing Private Equity Capital and a large component of the returns differential could be attributed to poor manager selection. REI’s proprietary frameworks enable the LPs to evaluate fund managers both on basis of quantitative as well as qualitative factors.

We also try to source the right kind of talent through our extensive network with Executive search firms active in this space.

Monitoring Fund Performance

We also assist LPs monitor their fund investments, and provide them regular updates about their fund’s performance as compared to various benchmarks. Continuous monitoring and a transparent performance evaluation would help LPs to identify and manage their risks at an early stage.

India Entry Strategy

If you are an LP looking at an India strategy, we would be able to assist you by providing rigorous analysis on Indian Private Equity market fundamentals, current investment climate, fund raising scenario etc. We also help you understand the challenges of investing in India and the regulatory issues.

Our proprietary research frameworks and methodologies would enable you to understand the Indian private equity market and make better investment decisions.


PE Insights conducts regular events where we bring together fund managers who are in fund-raising mode and Limited Partners looking to invest into India focused PE funds as part of their global portfolio allocation strategy.