Strategic Advisory

We work closely with promoters of companies to provide them with strategic advice to help them scale up their companies. Our services go beyond PowerPoint presentation. We provide hands-on execution services to the promoters.  In our experience, we have observed a lot of companies face challenges in growth due to their overdependence on the entrepreneur’s bandwidth. There is a gap in leadership between the top and middle levels. We help promoters fill this gap with our strategic advice while transitioning them to a more professionally managed setup with clear processes, systems and talent in place.

As we believe in an involved engagement with our clients, we only take a few clients for our strategic advisory practice. Our typical engagement with them will be over a ten to twelve months horizon, which will transition their company for future growth.

Capital Raising

PE Insights provides capital raising services to mid-market and large companies where capital is a constraint to their growth. The first step in our fund raising process is to understand the current position of the company and advise the board on various options for funding. Depending on the feedback from the board, we start the fund raising process. This process includes preparing the relevant marketing material and doing a detailed financial and valuation analysis of the company.  We then showcase the opportunity to various investors (both local as well as global) in our network. We advise the board on the appropriate transaction structure and negotiation strategy. Our fund raising process is transparent in nature with constant communication and feedback to the promoters about the status at each and every level. We also help the management rationalize the corporate structure and build the platform for future growth.

Our willingness to take up an engagement depends on our initial interactions with the board and the market scenario for capital-raising at that point of time.

Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) Advisory

M&A can be a very successful growth strategy if done the right way. A majority of M&As fail because of a lack of a long-term planning by the management. An underassessment of post-deal integration complexities leads to a failure to realize the expected synergies.  We help the management avoid the typical pitfalls in any M&A transaction by helping them formulate a long term strategic vision first, and then go about the executing the strategy rather than the other way around. We look at both public and private transactions. We assist boards looking at both buy-side as well as sell-side mandates. On the sell-side, we try to maximize value for the promoters by identifying multiple potential buyers and creating competition in the entire process. We also assist the board in negotiating and closing the transaction.

Our clients value our ability to work closely with them and advise them on the issues related to a particular transaction with our breadth and depth of experience, so that they avoid expensive mistakes.

Joint Ventures

India is a very exciting market today. The economy is growing at a healthy pace backed by sound fundamentals in the form of a burgeoning middle class.  The government is investing into public infrastructure that would result in long-term economic growth. There has been an increased global interest to invest into the Indian market and capture the growing consumption and economic growth story. For a number of players who might not be aware of the inherent complexities of the Indian market, a JV might be a better option as compared to an outright M&A deal. Through our deep expertise in the Indian market, we have helped global leaders set up a presence in India through a trusted JV partner. This involves the entire cycle, right from identifying the partner to negotiating terms to ensuring that the final contract meets the interests of both parties.

We also assist promoters of Indian companies to expand their global footprint. India companies are keenly looking at expansion into developed markets for their products and services. We help promoters make the right strategic call with the help of our global network.

Market Entry Strategy

We offer market entry strategy to global companies and investors looking to enter the fast-growing Indian market.  Our clients utilize our local market expertise to understand the Indian market in depth before deciding on the course of execution. India is a challenging market with its diverse set of consumers, complex regulatory framework and intense price competition. Clients understand the need to comprehensively analyze the market first to formulate the best entry strategy, before committing significant investments. We help our clients in the strategy formulation and also the initial execution when they are ready to enter the Indian market.